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“Old Testament’s Secret of the Rib of Adam” is a new book of Professor Konstantin Alexandrovich Efetov, a scientist, biologist, and medical doctor. In fact, it is a logical combination of his two works aimed at unraveling two historical mysteries.

The author is the Head of the Department of Biological Chemistry and Laboratory of Biotechnology at the Medical University. His other interests are in history and art, hence he is well familiar with many mysteries of the past awaiting their clues. This unique amalgam of bulks of knowledge allowed the author to uncover certain mysteries in convergence nodes of history, religious studies, fine arts, medicine, and biological chemistry.

The first chapter entitled A Shocking Secret of the Sistine Chapel uncovers Michelangelo’s message the great master encoded in his frescos illustrating the stories of the Old Testament. The solution to the mystery is so obvious that it makes you wonder how people have been failing through five centuries to see what the genius of Renaissance presented on the chapel plafond.

The second part is an attempt to explain another mystery of the Old Testament, the one that concerns Adam’s rib. The author’s idea is that the ancient text comprises coded data about sex hormones controlling the formation of the male organism and the female one.

The story about Adam’s rib is a witty theory, whereas deciphering Michelangelo’s code is a clear fact the author has uncovered. Some portions of this material have already been published, for instance, in the books “A Shocking Secret of the Sistine Chapel” (2006), “Das schockierende Geheimnis der Sixtinischen Kapelle” (2007), and journals “Chemistry and Life”, “Discoveries and Hypotheses”, “Asclepius”. These publications were given a widespread response and put on the quiz list of the world championship “What, Where, When?”

A wide audience of readers will find this book interesting and useful.

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