This website is devoted to the discovery made in 2006 by Professor DrMed, DrBiolSci K.A. Efetov – to the mystery of Michelangelo, who has sent through centuries a secret message encoded in his frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican[1][2][3][4]. Prof. Efetov has found that the great master hided in his paintings large images of brain and genitals.

Look at the original frescoes:

Sistine Chapel – The Creation of Adam

Sistine Chapel – The Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Plants

Prof. Efetov has found that these two frescoes are double-vision images.

The first one has the external surface of the brain encoded in it:

compare this to what is seen on the fresco:

The second fresco – “The Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Plants” – contains encoded images of human male and female genitals:

What was the point of presenting exactly the brain and the genitals?

In fact, information transferred by rational beings to future generations can be of two major types:

1. Genetic, or hereditary, information transferred from parents to children through the functions of genitals. Phallus is a certain kind of a syringe that injects DNA into the organism of a would-be mother.

2. Non-hereditary information transferred from a generation to another generation through the functions of brain that produces information in form of art works, oral narrations, written and printed texts, and nowadays also in form of films, computer data bases etc.

Thus, we should not be surprised at the fact that Michelangelo put such a stress exactly on the genitals and the brain.

The great master’s idea is obvious: first, the fecundating source (the genitals) was enacted, and only then – the animating source (the brain that makes the human body alive) was applied. According to Michelangelo there are two steps of the creation of the world: Fertilization (symbolized by genitals) and Spiritualization (symbolized by brain).

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